Since 1997, Transcourt has developed a unique and flexible approach to leasing that supports its customers in meeting their specific and, often unique, tanker transportation requirements in North America. Transcourt will customize a short-, medium- or long-term operating lease, or a lease-to-own option, in order to satisfy any and all tanker needs. Western Canada Highway News recently chatted with co-founders Bruce Daccord (President) and John Campbell (Chairman) to get their views on their company’s 20-year journey.

Bruce – In the mid-‘90s, I was a professional accountant and had worked with many companies in a variety of industries. One company I worked for was a tank trailer manufacturer with a leasing division, which I thought was a great business with a lot of potential. In his varied business career, John had experience in start-ups, manufacturing and car leasing (among others). We were introduced by a mutual friend and ‘hit it off’ immediately. Over the next year or so, we talked about the transportation industry, specifically the leasing of tank trailers. Finally, we had talked about it enough and I wrote up a business plan. I brought in a third partner I had worked with previously, Neil Pickering, as sales manager. (Neil subsequently retired in 2010.) We bought about 20 trailers that first year, leased those, purchased a few dozen more – and grew from there.

John – The way I remember meeting Bruce is that our mutual friend asked me if I needed a good accountant, and at the time, I did. One of my businesses was a lube company, and a large player in the industry had been after me to sell it. Eventually, I agreed and so I had the proceeds of that sale available to reinvest in another project. I also had some experience with a used car leasing business, so leasing wasn’t a foreign concept to me. While considering the purchase of a trailer manufacturer that had gone into receivership, Bruce and I studied the top leasing companies to find out how they worked, and we learned the benchmarks. That deal fell through, but now we had the knowledge and confidence to strike out on our own from scratch. With Bruce’s impressive finance background and my business experience and seed capital, Transcourt was born in 1997.

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