Rosenau Transport Ltd. is one of the largest regional carriers in Western Canada with 26 terminals and warehouses, 675 employees, and over 1,200 pieces of equipment. In 2017, new President Ken Rosenau leads the company as it celebrates 60 years in business. Ken’s father, industry giant Carl Rosenau, is in the first few months of his retirement, having ‘signed off’ on December 30, 2016, after almost 50 years in the trucking industry.

Let’s celebrate both the company and the man.

How it all began
Back in 1957, Carl’s father, Gus Rosenau, was working for an oilwell supply company in Calgary and heard through the ever-reliable rumour mill that he was soon to be laid off. Being the proactive sort, Gus bought a well-travelled 1953 half-tonne truck from the fellow who made deliveries to his place of employment and subsequently went into business with him. After a few months, the partners split the business and Gus began growing his fledgling operation along with wife Colleen, as he delivered in and around the Calgary area.

After a couple of years, one of Gus’s suppliers said they wanted him to service their branch office in Edmonton, so he bought another truck and began doing just that. By the 1970s, the business had grown – both in terms of customers and pieces (and types) of equipment. Rosenau Transport was now servicing most of Alberta, with terminals in Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Grande Prairie.

As the company continued to grow, it was the embodiment of the term “family business.” Gus and Colleen had six sons and a daughter who grew up in and around the business. At one time all children worked for Rosenau Transport. In a previous interview with Western Canada Highway News, Carl said, “Counting my parents that made nine different personalities with nine different sets of ideas on how to run and grow a trucking company. The debates weren’t always quiet ones, but we always seemed to come up with the right solutions in the end.”

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