Extended wheel-base permits for tractors available

Alberta carriers can obtain an extended wheel-base tractor permit for $15.

According to the Government of Alberta, the permit only applies to:
• A combination of a truck tractor equipped with a single or tandem drive and semi-trailer when the wheelbase of the truck tractor exceeds 6.2 metres.

• A combination of a truck tractor equipped with double semi-trailers operating in a B-train configuration when the wheelbase of the truck tractor exceeds 6.2 metres.

• A truck tractor with a wheelbase of up to 7.2 metres operating with no semi-trailer attached.

The Government said the permit doesn’t apply to A-train, C-train, long combination vehicle or a combination of a truck tractor equipped with a tridem drive and semi-trailer. It also does not apply to a truck tractor equipped with permanently mounted equipment.

The maximum overall length of a B-train combination can’t exceed 27.5 metres, including heavy-duty bumpers.

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AMTA announces new training facility at Edmonton International Airport
Construction of a new Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) training facility and five-acre test track at the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) will begin this summer.

“Having outgrown our current Edmonton office, we’re pleased to announce, with EIA, the development of this project,” said AMTA President Lorraine Card. “We saw the need for a driver training track in a safe, controlled environment and are looking forward to providing the transportation industry with a world class facility.”

The nearly 20,000 sq. ft. facility and adjoining track will also include a driving simulation trainer, enabling the AMTA to conduct complete training for commercial drivers at the convenience of one location. The building itself will be located on the northeast section of EIA between RedTail Landing Golf Course and 36 Street East.

“With this new building we can offer meeting rooms and a variety of in-classroom and online training courses. The AMTA is also proud to offer a driving track for practical training and a truck driving simulator,” added Card. “The EIA location allows for ease of travel for trainees who may be travelling to the Edmonton area.”

The AMTA training facility is the third component of the Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre at the airport joining a Canadian North 737 training simulator and HNZ Topflight helicopter-training simulator.
“EIA is very excited to be collaborating with AMTA to bring this world-class facility into being,” said Myron Keehn, VP of Commercial Development with EIA. “This is another part of the region’s aerotropolis and Port Alberta, and will support training, develop the logistics industry and enhance workforce diversification.”

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