Bob Senkow

With heavy hearts, the MTA advises readers of the passing of Bob Senkow on Wednesday, Jan. 4. 
Bob was a long-serving Board member and Past President, an MTA awards winner, and an active and engaged MTA member. 

Bob became the agent for Gardewine in the early 1970s. He pounded up and down the highways for many years working for various companies – Atomic Transport, Swan River/The Pas Transfer with lots of gravel hauling and a few trips over the winter roads. He traded in his wheels for a desk and started as dispatcher with CN Route Canada and then into sales with Kingsway and Motorways. He ended up as Terminal Manager with Porter Trucking and, although he sat at the same desk for the past 25 years, he worked for several different companies, ending with TST Overland.

Bob was a friend to many in the MTA membership and industry, and he will be missed.

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