CentrePort home to agricultural hub

Imperial Seed has broken ground on its new agricultural hub at CentrePort Canada – an expanded 20-acre site that will include a seed processing plant, seed lab, office space and warehouse space. The new $8-million operation, which will include facilities of 30,000 and 15,000 sq. ft., allows Imperial Seed to double its current seed processing capacity. The company is developing 10 of its 20 acres to start and anticipates their staff doubling as the operation grows over time. Kurt Shmon, President of Imperial Seed, said, “It is quite exciting to be part of CentrePort’s development and the opportunities for us to expand are huge. We are very excited about our new home.”

Shmon said the transportation options at CentrePort, its proximity to a strong labour market, and well-established connections to seed growers across Western Canada made the inland port a perfect location for expansion.

Imperial Seed, which expects to open its new hub in 2017, is a forage and turf seed company that works with Canadian farmers and seed growers to process seeds for distribution to domestic and international markets including the US, Europe, Asia and South America.

CentrePort, has welcomed 46 new companies that have either built or are building new operations on approximately 270 acres, representing more than $250 million in new capital investment.

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US data removed from Manitoba carrier profiles
The MTA has been asking Commercial Vehicle Safety & Permits (CVS&P) in the Motor Carrier Division to remove USA inspection, violation and accident data from the carrier profiles in the CVS&P’s Carrier Profile System (CPS). This has been requested since the US chose not to implement the 2008 Canada/USA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Safety Rating Reciprocity.

The MTA felt that if a Manitoba carrier incurred a violation in the US and that went onto a US carrier profile (that could potentially trigger a facility audit); then it wasn’t fair for the same violation to be used a second time on a Manitoba carrier profile (and potentially trigger a second Manitoba facility audit).

This would constitute a case of ‘double jeopardy’ and we felt that Canadian carriers should be treated by Canadian jurisdictions the same way the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) treats US carriers. The FMCSA does not use Canadian data to rate the performance of their carriers.

As of Dec. 1, 2016 the MCD has decided to authorize the removal of all USA data (inspection, conviction and accident) from Manitoba carrier profiles. The MTA is pleased with this solution, as it has been something we have worked on for a long time.

If you have any questions, call the MTA at 204-632-6600.

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Supporting documents for IRP transaction
no longer required at Service Centres  
Carriers will need to continue to submit supporting documents with their International Registration Plan (IRP) supplements. However, to enhance customer service for IRP customers, carriers will no longer be required to also submit copies of supporting documents (excluding transactions where original documents are required) when picking up and paying for your IRP at a MPI Service Centre.   

Commercial Vehicles Registrations will continue to ask IRP customers to provide required original supporting documents when attending the Service Centre, which will be specified on the IRP Invoice Summary.    

To prevent delays in processing your supplement, please ensure you submit all required documents with your IRP supplement and that they are clear and legible. The MTA encourages you to scan and email your documents to irp@mpi.mb.ca – avoid faxing if possible, as documents are likely to be clearer via email. If you have any questions, please contact the MTA office (204-632-6600).

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Province to allow heavier weights
Manitoba’s trucking industry will be allowed to haul heavier weights to help improve competitiveness through changes to the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions on Classes of Highways Regulation, Infrastructure Minister Blaine Pedersen recently announced during Red Tape Awareness Week.

The change to the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions on Classes of Highways Regulation will set the maximum allowable weight to 24,000 kilograms for RTAC semi-trailers equipped with tridem axle groups with an axle spread of three to 3.6 metres. It will also increase the gross vehicle weight allowance to 63,500 kg from 62,500 kg for the portion of PTH 12 from Steinbach to the Canada-U.S border. 

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MTA member wins Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award
Debbie Zajaros, owner of MTA Associate member North End Springs, was one of five recipients of the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, hosted by WBOM Women in Business on Oct. 6, in Winnipeg.

“It’s been a lot of hard work,” said Debbie, “and being recognized by a group of leading women in business is very exciting. This award is confirmation that our efforts to build efficient business processes, source the highest quality products, and provide service second-to-none in our industry is working.” She concluded, “We will continue to listen to our clients and innovate within our business to be the best at what we do.”

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MTA welcomes Don Stewart onboard
The MTA is pleased to announce the addition of Don Stewart to our MTA team. Don manages the business development activities for the MTA and focuses his energy on building and maintaining relationships with our members and non-members alike. Don will also aid in the development of policy, for the board of directors. Don brings many years of experience in business, both from within and outside
of our industry.

Contact Don at:
Tel: (204) 632-6600 X215
Email: dstewart@trucking.mb.ca

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Kelowna’s Kel-West Carriers now part of Payne Transportation
Payne Transportation is excited to announce that Kel-West Carriers based in Kelowna, BC, became a part of the Mullen Group of Companies effective February 1, 2017 and will operate as a division of Payne Transportation Ltd. Kel-West Carriers is an international cross border flatbed carrier operating for over 42 years. They have 23 owner-operators and 10 full-time employees. The decision to have Kel-West operate as part of Payne Transportation was due to the symmetries of both carriers operating as primarily an owner operator based organization.

 “The addition of Kel-West gives us the opportunity to expand into the BC market with an existing solid brand,” said Tom Payne, President of Payne Transportation. “After meeting the team at Kel-West, we quickly saw they are a company that shares our values and brings to the table a knowledgeable staff from which we can learn and grow, they will be a great addition to our team.”

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OBITUARY: Bob Senkow
With heavy hearts, the MTA advises readers of the passing of Bob Senkow on Wednesday, Jan. 4. 
Bob was a long-serving Board member and Past President, an MTA awards winner, and an active and engaged MTA member. 

Bob became the agent for Gardewine in the early 1970s. He pounded up and down the highways for many years working for various companies – Atomic Transport, Swan River/The Pas Transfer with lots of gravel hauling and a few trips over the winter roads. He traded in his wheels for a desk and started as dispatcher with CN Route Canada and then into sales with Kingsway and Motorways. He ended up as Terminal Manager with Porter Trucking and, although he sat at the same desk for the past 25 years, he worked for several different companies, ending with TST Overland.

Bob was a friend to many in the MTA membership and industry, and he will be missed.

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