Updated STA training
The trucking industry is constantly evolving. New technologies, innovative ideas, regulatory updates and harmonization… the list goes on. As such it is important to the STA that we look at the services and goods we offer and ensure we are meeting the needs of the membership we represent. After such a review, we have made changes to training materials and course fees. Updated information on prices and course offerings can be found in the training section of the STA’s new and improved website www.sasktrucking.com.

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GTH adds to board of directors
The GTH has announced four new members on its governing board of directors.

Zahra Al-Harazi of Toronto, ON has unparalleled leadership, entrepreneurship, and global business experience; Brian Manning (Edmonton, AB) brings an impressive resume of public service leadership and advisory skills spanning the Canadian prairies;

Dr. Sandip Lalli (DeWinton, AB) is a senior executive with a vast array of financial management and global business experience; and David Sutherland (Waterloo, ON), who is originally from Moose Jaw, brings a wealth of private business expertise after a 30-year career with one of North America’s most successful steel manufacturers.

The new board members will join Chairperson Doug Moen, Captain Gordon Houston, Lionel LaBelle, Terry Baker and David Watson to form a full complement nine-member board of directors. The board vacancies were created by the departure of four board members over the course of a 15-month period dating back to the spring of 2015.

“We’re pleased to have such a diverse and knowledgeable group of individuals offer their business expertise, industry experience and time to the GTH,” said Bryan Richards, GTH President & CEO. “The board plays an essential strategic governance role in helping us carry out our mandate, which is to help drive economic growth for the province.”

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STA in the media
In the recent issue of publication Today’s Trucking’s The Next Generation (featuring up-and-comers under the age of 40), the STA’s Nicole Sinclair was featured:

Nicole Sinclair
Saskatchewan Trucking Association
Age: 29
Title: Member Liaison Coordinator
A single social media tweet from 2015 can best encapsulate what Nicole Sinclair does. Previously, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association had received complaints from the City of Saskatoon about illegally parked trucks on the side of a roadway near a Tim Horton’s. “It was a jumping off point to understand why they were parked there. They were parked there because there was nowhere else to go. These are human beings who need to eat and use the bathroom,” says Nicole, whose tweet about the issue garnered major media attention on the parking shortage issue.
Under new leadership, Nicole says the association has been working hard to get back into the spotlight to work with its membership. “It’s really time for people to find out who we are,” says Nicole. When an issue arises, she can search a member database to find out who might be affected, then work with that member to solve the issue. “People have no time for information that doesn’t affect them, and I try to make sure they don’t get it.”

Congratulations Nicole!

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STA hires Membership Development & Services Coordinator
Russ Turgeon has joined the Saskatchewan Trucking Association as a full-time staff member. Previously a board member of the association, Russ brings decades of experience to the association. Russ will head up Membership and Services, which covers all recruitment, retention, member services, events and training. Any members who have not yet met Russ are encouraged to drop by the STA office at 103 Hodsman Road in Regina and do so.

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Wide Base Tires in Sask by mid-2017?
The STA is excited to report that it is working with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure to create a pilot permit system for the use of new generation wide base single tires in Saskatchewan. The Association, after over a decade of lobbying the cause, requested the use of the innovative tires on three main corridors in the province. Please check the STA website www.sasktrucking.com for updates on evolution of this work.

The goal is to have a permit system in place by mid-2017. Weight parity for New Generation Wide Base Single Tires was identified in late 2016 as one of the top 9 priorities of the trucking associations working collectively under the New West Partnership Agreement.

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Increased B-Train use
Long Wheelbase Tractors in B-Trains was another of the top issues western Canada trucking associations were working on under the New West Partnership agreement were hoping to achieve. Saskatchewan announced that this configuration will run on a permit system to be in place in 2017. This change will align Saskatchewan with Ontario and Quebec and hopefully all the western provinces shortly. By extending the overall length of b-trains and extending the wheelbase, more room is created for driver comforts and environmental technology and safety equipment such as animal strike guards.

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Changes to Membership Categories
Our STA renewing and joining members may have noticed, the 2017 membership includes new and different carrier categories. This was a decision by the STA Board of Directors and reflects the diverse offerings of the STA.

Since the last changes to membership categories many years ago, the industry has changed dramatically. There are fewer overall companies in the market, higher numbers of companies operating in multiple jurisdictions and increased regulatory matters that affect a wider range of companies. Changes include:

• Additional carrier categories to reduce large gaps in company sizes

• Addition of vocational truck categories, which will provide more access to companies that do not necessarily haul freight but are subject to many of the same regulations as the for hire and private carrier companies

• Addition of an Out of Province Carrier Member category, allowing companies who operate through Saskatchewan but have no terminals here, to access STA service offerings.

• Updates to Affiliate Trade categories, previously called Associate Trades, to provide a fairer pricing model based on the size of an organization.

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