A word with KLONDIKE Lubricant’s 1st generation: Phil Jenner and Brad Mitchell:

KLONDIKE Lubricants is celebrating 30 years in business, a major accomplishment in any industry! We caught up with owners Phil Jenner and Brad Mitchell recently.

Owner Phil Jenner grew up in the United Kingdom. He worked for a spell in the construction industry and owned his own business manufacturing industrial secturity products. He eventually sold his successful enterprise and moved to Canada where, with business partner Brad Mitchell, he purchased KLONDIKE Lubricants. That was 13 years ago.

Phil faced many challenges running a new company in a new country. He recalls, “The biggest hurdle for me has been buying into a company with a culture you did not start, but was generated by another person. This was different than what I was used to. Then there were the cultural differences between the UK and North America. Some of these adjustments were more than I was prepared for; but it has been an interesting and rewarding challenge ranging from times of stress to rewarding success. Also going from a house or brands to your own brand, from end-users to distribution has been a challenging and rewarding road.”

According to Phil, KLONDIKE began as a Canadian-owned lubricants and chemical supplier in BC. Eventually, the company began focusing on oil and lubes. Phil says, “We chose oil and lubes as our mainstream line because in the early 2000s when millions of hectares of Western Canadian trees were infected with Mountain Pine Beetles, we were the only company able to supply the Canadian forestry industry with innovative and ground-breaking lubricants for the logging market.

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