How it began

The Global Transportation Hub (GTH) in Regina is fueling trade through world-class rail and highway infrastructure that assists companies in Canada’s most trade-reliant province (Saskatchewan) to realize logistical efficiencies in moving goods, thus saving them time and money. Centrally located between Canada’s largest seaports, the GTH is ideal for businesses requiring quick turnaround and efficient transportation to markets across the globe. The GTH is western Canada’s newest, fastest-growing inland port authority boasting a strategic location, superior logistics, and cost-effectiveness.

In 2019, the GTH will celebrate its 10th anniversary as it was created by an Order-in-Council in 2009. However, President and CEO Bryan Richards tells WCHN, “It didn’t really get going until the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 when Loblaw Companies Ltd. and Canadian Pacific Rail became tenants.” CP’s nearly completed intermodal facility anchors the GTH’s southern boundary, and connects to CP’s mainline, which connects to Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Gulf Coast and Great Lakes ports and Midwestern US trans-shipment points. The new intermodal yard has the capacity to expand to up to four times its current size to meet future demands.

Richards, who joined the GTH in August 2013, says he is happy with the progress to date, noting that $485 million in private investment has flowed into the GTH and some 4,800 trucks move through the inland port every week. He is looking forward to further growth in the future.

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