As we near year’s end, WCHN features the elected leaders of our three associations (AMTA, STA and MTA) in a roundtable discussion on how the year has gone and what the industry can look forward to next year.

Participants in the roundtable: AMTA Chairman of the Board Gene Orlick (Orlick Transport), who also doubles as Chairman of the Board for the CTA; STA Chairman of the Board Graham Newton
(T-T Group of Companies); and MTA President Gary Arnold (Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd.).

Q – How has your leadership term gone so far? Is your association in a healthy position?

Gene Orlick – Both associations, the AMTA and the CTA, are doing very well serving the membership with value, services and information transfer.

Graham Newton - We are seeing a lot of change happening within the STA. 2016 has been a year of transition. With the change at the Executive Director position and re-location of our STA office, it’s been hectic to say the least. The STA has a new focus and direction. Following the completion of our Strategic Planning mandate, we are setting a course for the future as a leader and ‘voice for truck transport’ in Saskatchewan. Things are progressing smoothly.

Gary Arnold - The leadership term has gone well to date as I have a very effective team of committed MTA staff, as well a excellent board, executive and members. We’ve addressed a number of key issues and believe we have moved forward on many of them. It has been a learning experience, but I’ve had support and advice from MTA past presidents to guide me.
The MTA is in a very good position. Financially we’re stable and from a membership perspective things are very stable, too. We are seeing a number of member working groups being convened lately and we’ve no shortage of volunteers.

Q – How are you managing to juggle your job and association work?

Gene – Juggling personal business with association work is challenging. I get it done by cutting into my off time. My family pays the price, but it’s a short-term challenge with long-term gains.

Graham – Life is always a balancing act and I’m learning to prioritize the needs of my job with that of the STA. We have a strong team at the STA and I can count on them to make things easier for me. The STA Board is a group of well-seasoned veterans and new blood. It’s this great mix of energy and knowledge that makes my job much easier.

Gary – There are times that cross between my normal tasks and association work, however between assistance from the MTA staff and working during non-office hours at home, it has been a good mix.


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