CTA urges members to voice concerns on proposed tax changes

The CTA is cautioning the federal government against its announced policy intentions to close certain tax-planning measures for private corporations in the tax code.

“While CTA understands the proposed changes are meant to affect a certain target audience – some of whom could unfairly be avoiding paying their fair share – CTA is concerned there could also be some small-business owners who will be significantly worse off as a result,” said CTA President Stephen Laskowski.

CTA’s letter to the federal finance minister outlines three key areas in the trucking industry that will be negatively impacted by the proposals outlined in the government’s consultation paper: accumulation of capital, family business succession, and competition with
US operators.

“At a time when companies are struggling to compete internationally and to keep pace with regulatory changes across virtually all federal departments, we urge the Department of Finance not to introduce any measure that adds unnecessary complexity to the Canadian tax system,” added Laskowski.

In speaking with federal officials, CTA has been told that Ottawa is listening to the concerns of Canadians on this issue. Consequently, CTA is strongly urging its membership to participate in an e-letter campaign to raise awareness in Ottawa of our industry’s concerns. To participate, visit the CTA’s website – cantruck.ca.


Louise Yako leaving BCTA
After six years as President and CEO and more than 20 years at BCTA, Louise Yako has announced she will be leaving the association at year-end.

“I’m so fortunate to have been able to work at this great organization that represents such a necessary industry. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to work with and for knowledgeable, dedicated and supportive members. BCTA has survived and thrived for over 100 years. I know its future will be at least as successful as its past,” says Louise.

The BCTA Executive Committee has appointed a Recruiting Committee, which will be working with Pinton, Forrest & Madden, a Vancouver-based executive search firm, to find and evaluate candidates to replace Louise. The appointment of the next President and CEO is expected to be effective January 1, 2018.

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Study of truck parking and rest areas in Southern Ontario
SPR Associates is undertaking a study of Truck Rest Areas in Southern Ontario for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. The study is being implemented in consultation with key trucking associations to address the need for additional truck parking along Southern Ontario highways. SPR is reaching out for this to all users of Ontario highways, including those in other provinces and the US. They are particularly interested in reaching carriers that are heavy users of Southern Ontario highways.

The goals of the study are to:
• Estimate the need for additional truck parking in Southern Ontario;
• Assess economic and other benefits of providing more parking for the trucking industry; and
• Recommend ways of improving the availability and quality of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) parking along Ontario highways.

Individual carriers are asked to participate and will be recognized in the final report.

To learn more, visit www.spr.ca/trucking/communications.htm.

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