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AMTA introduces latest Road Knights team

The Alberta Motor Transport Association has announced Glenn McNeilly of Calgary, Ed Stashysyn of Edmonton and Bryan Egan of Calgary as its 2018/19 Road Knights Team.

Road Knights are professionals who are passionate about safety and the transportation industry as a whole. They come with exemplary safety records and enthusiasm, and are eager to create awareness on safe driving and careers in transportation. The Road Knights spend their term visiting a number of high school and employment fairs teaching young people and job seekers about the positives of pursuing transportation as a career. They also spend time volunteering at AMTA events such as Driver Appreciation Days.
Eligibility requirements include nominees who are Alberta-based, employed full-time in the transportation industry, possess a first-class safety record, are professional and able to dedicate one to three days a month to prearranged events.

Referencing the team’s safet record, since 2014, Glenn McNeilly has accrued more than 600,000 collision-free kilometres; over his 46-year career Ed Stasyshun has accrued 3,400,000 collision-free kilometres and Egan has more than 1,000,000 collision-free kilometres.

“It’s an honour to be a Road Knight,” said Egan. “You spend your whole life being safe and setting a good image. I’ve had really great mentors, now I’m looking to fill that mentor role, so it’s a cycle. Promoting the industry is a great thing, engaging others into industry, and engaging the public on what transport companies experience, and what a driver’s daily activities are on the road.”

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