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New Heavy Haul Capabilities at R & D Trailer Rentals

We’re pleased to announce the availability of new “Gerry’s” Heavy Equipment Transporters.

These 85 ton Heavy Equipment Transporters offer our qualified rental customers an opportunity to expand their range of services with specialized, heavy haul trailers.

The 85 ton Heavy Equipment Transporters are offered in two configurations:

“48 Wheeler”
Utilizing a 16 wheel jeep, 24 wheel air ride lowbed and 8 wheel booster, this configuration offers a self-contained, hydraulically detachable gooseneck and a pin joint for adding deck sections.

This trailer combination is a heavy hauler and great for service rigs!

“13 Axle”
A tri-drive friendly tridem jeep, tridem lowbed and tridem booster allow for impressive load capability.  Equipped with a self-contained hydraulically detachable gooseneck and self-contained booster bump steer, this combination offers amazing load capacity.  The “California” style, articulating configuration helps to distribute weight and is much easier to pre-load.

13 Axle

Please call or email us for more information on these combinations and any of our other heavy haul or specialty units.

“We’re Proud of Our Trailers!”


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