Work to start on West Calgary Ring Road

Construction of the West Calgary Ring Road, scheduled to begin in 2019, will complete the circle around Calgary and alleviate traffic congestion in the commercial heart of Alberta. Completion
is expected in 2022.

The final section of the ring road includes more than nine kilometres along the west side of the city between Highway 8 and the Trans-Canada Highway. Once complete, the Calgary Ring Road will provide 101 kilometres of free-flow travel around the city.

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Wide-base single tires pilot program extended, expanded

Saskatchewan Department of Highways and Infrastructure

The Government of Saskatchewan is extending a pilot program for one year, which allows trucks to increase the weight on wide-base single tires. The program has also been expanded to all paved National Highway Systems in the province.

The pilot started in 2017 and allows permitted trucks to increase the weight on wide-base single tires (WBST), 455 mm or wider, from 3,850 kg to 4,250 kg per tire. The New Generation Wide Base Tires are a single-wide tire that replaces traditional dual tires on commercial vehicles.

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Transformation Capital Fund
Manitoba Infrastructure on behalf of the Honourable Ron R. Schuler, Minister of Infrastructure

Transforming the Manitoba Public Service: A Strategy for Action was released in spring 2018 in Manitoba. It is a vision for government to embrace challenges and place innovation at the centre of the department’s work to deliver outcomes. Manitoba Infrastructure seized on this opportunity to enhance our highway network. The department is pleased to announce that these are developmental projects that can lead to further improvements for the trucking industry and the driving public. These developmental projects are trial projects that could be expanded if they operate and perform well.

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