Transportation projects support over 7,500 jobs

Alberta Government

Nearly 350 projects across the province will relieve congestion on Alberta’s highways, connect communities, enhance major trade corridors, provide clean water to communities and support flood prevention.

According to Minister of Transportation Brian Mason, “Our government is investing in key infrastructure to help strengthen the economy, support job-creation and improve the services Alberta families count on. Our plan is working – our $1.4-billion investment in critical road, bridge and water infrastructure projects this year will support an estimated 4,400 good-paying construction jobs and 3,100 indirect jobs.”

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Improving safety, competitiveness and reliability
Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

The Government of Saskatchewan understands how vital transportation is to our export-based economy and is committed to improving the safety, competitiveness and reliability of the transportation industry.

“Historic population and economic growth over the last decade in Saskatchewan have led to increased volumes of passenger vehicles and trucks on our provincial highways.” The Hon. David Marit, Minister of Highways and Infrastructure said. “Our government is committed to investments that enhance safety, while increasing capacity and improving traffic flow,”

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure had a $1.1 billion budget this year – the second largest in our history. Another busy construction season recently wrapped up including work on new passing lanes, twinning projects and other safety improvements focused on some of Saskatchewan’s busiest highways.

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Weights & dimensions an ever-changing environment
Manitoba Infrastructure

In every Canadian jurisdiction, a team of legal weights and dimensions experts provides advice to policy makers on how to deal with vehicles that do not conform to legal weights and dimensions regulations. These vehicles tend to get referred to as non-conforming vehicles by those in the regulating and permitting business. Regardless of where these individuals reside in their respective ministries, their job is to keep their departments advised of new equipment and manufacturing trends, emerging technologies, and new pressures facing a very specialized sector of the trucking industry – the oversize and overweight moving sector.

Reg Wightman, Director of Commercial Vehicle Safety and Permits at Manitoba Infrastructure, oversees how overweight and oversize permits are issued for the province. He has witnessed 35 years of continual change in overweight and oversize permitting policy and believes the pace of change is going to accelerate over the next several years.

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