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Nine-month primary weight highways Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

The Government of Saskatchewan has made changes to the implementation of nine-month primary highways, which will be implemented in the spring 2018.

The nine-month primary weight highways resulted from a primary weight expansion, which supports truck-haul cost savings and economic activities, connecting communities to economic opportunities. Originally, the nine-month primary highways were designed and constructed to carry only lower secondary weight loads. Weights are reverted back to the design loads (secondary weight) during spring (from April 1 to June 30) to reduce damage from spring-thaw related deterioration.

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Road safety is a priority
Manitoba Infrastructure

Road safety continues to be a strategic priority for Manitoba Infrastructure, as is connecting Manitoba with the rest of North America and making Manitoba a business-friendly, preferred destination for innovative, safe, and reliable infrastructure and adaptive transportation policy. The Manitoba government is pursuing three key initiatives to support this.

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