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Manitoba Infrastructure on behalf of the Hon. Ron R. Schuler, Minister of Infrastructure

As part of the Manitoba government’s commitment to reduce red tape, improve clarity, and promote regulatory harmonization amongst the western provinces,

regulations for vehicle weights and dimensions have changed with the removal of the non-Road Transportation Association of Canada (RTAC) standard. The amended regulation will now have one legal standard.

The changes, which came into effect February 15, 2019, simplify the rules and reduce regulatory requirements for commercial vehicles in Manitoba. This will make it easier for businesses, motor carrier enforcement officers and front-line staff who issue over-dimensional /overweight permits, to understand legal vehicle weights and dimensions.

Previously, Manitoba had two legal vehicle standards in relation (RTAC and non-RTAC). Removing the non-RTAC standard simplifies the regulation and makes the permitting system clearer and less complex. With the changes, non-RTAC vehicles will continue to fall under legal length, height, and width, and carriers can keep operating with their existing non-RTAC equipment under permit.

Other notable changes include:

• Inter-axle spacing impacts allowable weights, therefore any vehicle that does not meet spacing requirements will need a permit to operate legally.

• A new permit for short inter-axle spacing will also be required for a fee.

• Permits will no longer be required for long wheel base semi-tractors, full and semi-trailer lift axles, and tandem steer axles under a 2.2m spread.

The new regulation aligns with other provinces in the New West Partnership Trade Agreement, harmonizing across the western provinces. Ontario continues to use two standards, with which Manitoba’s legal standard aligns.

A review process of the regulatory changes will take place during the first year, including industry feedback, to determine the impacts on the industry and possible regulatory improvements.

For more information on the recent changes, please visit https://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/mcd/mcpd/nonrtac/index.html.

Manitoba winter road season opens

Once again this year, Manitoba Infrastructure is working with local communities, to build and maintain approximately 2,400 kilometres of winter roads.

These winter roads provide a vital transportation link to 22 remote and isolated Manitoba communities located throughout Manitoba. Winter roads provide local residents with an important opportunity to bring in much needed food, fuel, and construction supplies to the communities. In a typical season, more than 2,500 shipments are delivered to a large number of isolated northern communities.

“Winter roads not only facilitate the hauling of freight to northern and remote communities, but also provide the residents with temporary inter-community travel as well as road access to the rest of the province,” said the Honourable Ron R. Schuler, Minister of Infrastructure. 

The winter road season is generally open from mid-January to mid-March, depending on weather conditions. The overall budget to open and maintain Manitoba’s winter roads is shared between the provincial and federal governments. For more information on winter road safety, please visit https://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/winter/pdf/wintersafety.pdf.


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