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July 26, 2016– Press Release

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Rainville Industries proud to introduce new YETI snow removal system

Showcase Summer2016 yeti 02Montréal, Quebec, July 26, 2016 – Rainville CEO Ghislain Sabourin launched the new generation of the company’s innovative snow removal system in Quebec today. The YETI solves a widespread problem for companies trucking in northern climates. Snow and ice falling from moving trucks is hazardous to other vehicles, and may provoke accidents causing injury or death and collateral damage, with big impacts for companies.

“It’s been over a decade since we created the YETI, the most powerful automated snow and ice removal system for box trailers on the market,” said Rainville Industries CEO Gislain Sabourin during the launch event. “When it comes to safety, everybody agrees prevention is best. This is why we continuously improve the YETI to meet our clients’ needs.”

“Rainville is proud to introduce the next generation of this unique product,” added Michael De Santos who heads Rainville’sBusiness Development department. “The YETI now features new colours and optimized components.”

The YETI is used by distribution centers across North America in the food, retail and energy industries.
The YETI serves a wide range of clients, including Walmart logistic, Shell Canada, Exxon Mobile, Sobey’s, CN, Coca Cola and Canadian Tire.

Great reasons clients choose the YETI:

• Complying with strict snow-removal regulations reduces accidents
“As good corporate citizens, companies are responsible for all travellers’ safety. Dangerous behaviour is not an option and no one wants to have injury or death on their conscience. By using the YETI, our clients prevent lawsuits, avoid fines and do the right thing,” said Michael De Santos.

• Maintaining reputation, avoiding bad press and keeping growth steady
Accidents from snow and ice falling on the road (maybe even causing injury or death) could bring bad press to your company. Bad news spreads fast on social media these days. Companies using the YETI can avoid bad press by prevent such risks.

• Improving employee safety on and offsite
Removing snow and ice from trailer boxes is risky and employees can get hurt in the process. What’s more, HR replacement, increased insurance premiums, lawyers’ fees, liability claims and fines are all hassles that can be avoided. Our clients use the YETI to increase their employee safety and reduce the risk of on-site accidents when removing snow and ice.

• Maximizing operations and Return On Investment
YETI users save labour costs, speed up their operations and increase productivity. According to our clients, the YETI is 15 times faster than two guys shovelling (and it does a better job of getting the ice o, too). In fact, it takes just under two minutes for one employee to do the job using the YETI. Our clients make the YETI their winter pitstop.

To see the YETI online, visit our new website

Put the power of the YETI to work for you!

For more information, please contact:
Michael De Santos, MBA
International Business
Development Agent
Cell: 514-926-5521
Toll-free: 1-877-347-5521


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