Spring 2020

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CN Strengthens its Commitment to Safety by Equipping its CNTL Fleet with ISAAC’s Telemetry Solution

The device helps improve driving behaviours and reduces hard manoeuvres

CN is pleased to announce that CNTL, CN’s road transportation subsidiary, has selected ISAAC’s Instruments’ telemetry solution to optimize CN’s road safety efforts on its fleet of more than 1,000 trucks.

Trimac Transportation dates its foundation back 90 years to 1928. On the threshold of the Great Depression and during the transition in Western Canada from horse-drawn delivery wagons to trucks, my grandfather J.W. McCaig purchased a team of horses and three-ton wagon to haul coal and gravel in Moose Jaw, SK.


Canada’s driver shortage is still looming on the horizon and there is no easy solution when it comes to filling empty seats. Still, could part of the solution be in the recruiting and retention of Indigenous workers of Western Canada?


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