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June 13 saw the announcement of the electronic logging device (ELD) rule, demonstrating Transport Minster Marc Garneau’s vision and leadership regarding transportation safety issues in Canada and delivering on the Council of Transportation Ministers’ and First Ministers’ commitment to the industry.

While most companies and drivers are compliant with hours and service rules, there are still those who take unwarranted risks and devastation such as Humboldt becomes a harsh reality.

It is estimated that fatigue is related to 20% of all truck and passenger collisions and there are upwards of 9,400 hours-of-service convictions per year. With the new ELD rule, those numbers are anticipated to drop substantially.

The introduction of this rule means that while the structure and cycle limits with hours of service will not change, all drivers will be required to maintain a logbook and use a third-party certified ELD for tracking.

Since the Canada Gazette I was published in 2017, consultation has been conducted by Transport Canada with the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), provincial enforcement agencies, various industry stakeholders and ELD suppliers, to ensure the integrity of the new rule and protection against hours of service non-compliance and equipment tampering.

The implementation timeframe for the new rule has been reduced from four years to two and will be in full effect in 2021.



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