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The federal government announced that revenue from the national carbon pricing system can be used to support fleets that invest in environmentally clean trucking technologies and devices.

Leading up to the Spring 2019 Budget, the Canadian Trucking Alliance asked the government to reinvest carbon price dollars collected from the trucking industry back into the sector to help fleets purchase green, carbon-reducing equipment and technology. CTA reminded the government that one of its stated intentions with the national carbon pricing system was to encourage businesses to invest in cleaner technologies. This announcement ensures the trucking industry is included in this redistribution of carbon pricing funds to purchase clean energy technology.

CTA Chairman Scott Smith said, “By investing a portion of the revenues generated from the carbon pricing system in a way that encourages market penetration of carbon-reducing technologies for diesel trucks, the Government of Canada has achieved an environmental policy that assists businesses of all sizes in purchasing clean energy technology while also supporting our collective goal to reduce carbon emissions.”



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