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Western Canada Highway News would not be possible without the advertising support of the following companies that have advertised over the last 4 issues. Please think of them when you require a product or service. We have endeavoured to make it easier for you to contact these suppliers by including their telephone numbers and, where applicable, their websites. Simply click on the website that interests you and, you will be transported directly to their site.

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4Refuel Canada
888-473-3835    www.4refuel.com


Aactive Personnel Services
204-982-4600    www.aactivepersonnel.com

Access Distribution Services
306-721-1345    www.accessag.com

Advance Engineered Products Group
800-332-8385    www.aepl.ca

Aero Delivery

306-242-6300    www.aerodelivery.ca

AFD Petroleum
780-438-5930    www.afdpetroleum.com

AFI Distribution Group
306-242-6300    www.afigrp.ca

Aikins Law
204-957-0050    www.aikins.com

Airdrie Registry
403-948-6018    www.airdrieregistry.com

Alamein Mobile Solutions
604-256-5740    www.traksave.ca

Altoba Freight Systems Inc.
204-633-3963    www.altobafreight.ca

Arccadd Architecture Inc.
204-772-2043    www.arccadd.com

Arnold Bros. Transport
204-257-6666    www.arnoldbros.com

Arthur J. Gallagher (Canada) Group
204-697-4222    www.ajgcanada.com  

Axalta Coating Systems
800-668-6945    www.axalta.ca

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Bartel Freight
204-746-2053   www.bartelfreight.ca

Beaver Truck Centre
204-632-9100   www.beavertrucks.com

Bedard Tankers Inc.
514-937-1670   www.bedardtankers.com

Bell Trailer Sales
204-987-8890   www.belltrailers.com  

877-496-4243    www.bfgoodrichtrucktires.com

888-451-4132    www.bflcanada.ca

Birkett Freight Solutions
866-227-1164    www.bfsworld.com

Bitimec International, Inc.
203-340-9388    www.wash-bots.com

BlackBerry Radar
289-261-4012    www.blackberry.com/radar

BMO Bank of Montreal
204-985-2206    www.bmo.com

Brandell Diesel Inc.
403-271-0101    www.brandelldiesel.com

Brandt Tractor
855-711-4545    www.brandt.ca

Bree-Dan Construction Ltd.
204-661-8501    www.breedan.ca

Brenntag Canada Inc.
855-333-0603    www.brenntagdef.com

Bridgestone Tires
877-298-6184   www.bridgestonetrucktires.com

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Calmont Group
855-474-2568   www.calmont.ca

Canada Brokerlink Inc.
403-358-6062   www.brokerlink.ca

Canada Cartage
403-296-0290   www.canadacartage.com

Canadian Transportation Equipment Association
519-631-0414    www.ctea.ca

Canadian Western Bank
780-423-8888    www.cwbank.com/bsa

Caron Transportation Systems
780-449-6688    www.carontransport.ca

888-CASTROL    www.castroldiesel.com

CentrePort Canada Inc.
204-784-1300    www.centreportcanada.ca

Cervus Equipment Peterbilt
306-242-3411   www.peterbilt.cervusequipment.com

Champion Towing
204-633-8868   www.championtowing.ca

CIT Financial Ltd.
877-590-7356   www.cit.ca

City Wide Towing & Recovery Service Ltd.
403-287-9111   www.citywidetowing.com


Clearview Consumers Co-op Ltd.
204-346-2667   www.stacoop.com

Commercial Truck Terminal

Conrad's Mobile Repair
204-268-5482   conrad@conradsmobilerepair.com

Continental Cartage Inc.
780-452-9414   www.continentalcartage.com

Continental Tire the Americas
800-450-3187    www.continental-truck.com

ContiTech Canada, Inc.
905-366-2010    www.contitech.ca

Coughlin Insurance Brokers (Saper Agencies)
204-257-6666    www.coughlin.com

Counteract Balancing Beads
800-572-8952    www.counteractbalancing.com

Cowan Imaging Group
780-577-5700    www.cowan.ca

CR Safety Ltd
306-861-9966    www.crsafetyltd.ca

Cummins Sales and Service
204-632-5470    www.salesandservice.cummins.com

Cummins Westport
604-718-8100    www.cumminswestport.com

Custom Truck Sales
204-694-3874    www.customtruck.ca

CWB Equipment Financing
855-761-0060    www.cwbef.com

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D&W Clutch & Brake
410-235-8829   www.dwclutch.com

Danatec Educational Services Ltd.
800-465-3366   www.danatec.com

972-248-0412   www.daseke.com

Day & Ross Transportation Group
800-561-0013   www.dayrossgroup.com

Denray Tire
204-632-5191    www.denraytire.com

Derrick’s Sandblasting & Painting

Deva Jatt Transport Ltd. 
204-410-2387    www.devajatttransport.com

Diesel Spec Inc.
514-932-0060    www.dieselspec.ca

800-667-8201    www.directwest.com

Dixon Bros., Inc.
800-697-1048    www.dixonbrosinc.com

Dr. Hook Towing Services Ltd.
800-561-4665    www.drhooktowing.com

Drive Products
780-483-7867   www.driveproducts.com

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Eastside Heavy Truck Collision
204-633-8223   www.theeastsidegroup.ca

EBD Enterprises Inc.
800-330-1657   www.ebdenterprises.com

Eberspaecher Climate Control Systems
800-387-4800   www.eberspaecher-na.com

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC)
587-349-5880   www.erac.org

Eskimo Refrigeration Ltd.
403-279-8091   www.eskimo-refrigeration.ca

Everon Driver Management
204-694-0861    www.everondmi.com

EZ Oil Drain Valve
877-508-3900    www.ezoildrain.ca

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FBC Inc.
800-265-1002   www.fbc.com

Fisher Branch – Hodgson Transport
204-372-6664   www.fbhtransport.com

Fleet Complete
800-220-0779   www.fleetcomplete.com

Fontaine Trailer
800-821-6535   www.fontainetrailer.com

Fort Garry Industries
204-632-8261   www.fgiltd.com

Freightliner Manitoba
204-694-3000    www.freightliner.mb.ca

Freightliner of Red Deer
800-223-2341    www.freightlinerofreddeer.com

Freightliner Trucks
800-385-4357    www.freightliner.com

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G2 Logistics
877-675-8989   www.g2logistics.com

G & B Fuels Inc.
877-479-3356   www.gbfuels.biz

Gabriel Ride Control
800-251-5932   www.gabriel.com

Galon Insurance Brokers
306-525-0888   www.galoninsurance.ca

800-282-8000   www.gardewine.com

GBM Trailer Service Ltd.
403-279-9717   www.gbmtrailer.ca

Genuine Truck Service
204-632-7279   facebook.com/genuinetruckservice

GFL Environmental Inc.
888-504-7100   www.gflenv.com

Great Dane Trailers
912-644-2100   www.greatdanetrailers.com

Great-West Life

GreatWest Kenworth Ltd.
403-253-7555   www.greatwestkenworth.com

GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions
877-542-4110    www.grouphealth.ca

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Habitat for Humanity ReStore
306-522-9702   www.habitatregina.ca

HAL Insurance
306-569-2150   www.halinsurance.ca

Haldex Limited
800-267-9247   www.haldex.com

Hargraft Schofield LP
800-387-0529    www.hargraft.com

Heil Trailer International, Co.
800-400-6913   www.heiltrailer.com

866-743-3247   www.hendrickson-intl.com

HERD North America Inc.
888-543-4373    www.herd.com

Highway Agencies Ltd. (HAL)
306-569-2150   www.halinsurance.ca

Hill Bros Expressways Ltd.
403-243-6024   www.hillbros.ab.ca

Hornoi Leasing
306-757-2828   www.hornoileasing.com

Howes Lubricator
800-438-4693   www.howeslube.com

Hunter Engineering Company
780-340-3456   www.hunter.com/hd

855-294-6079   www.huskypro.ca

Hydra Steer
800-661-9938   www.hydrasteer.com

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ICC The Compliance Center Inc.
888-977-4834   www.thecompliancecenter.com

Imperial Oil Limited
800-567-ESSO   www.mobiledelvac.ca

Inline Industries Ltd.
780-463-3931    www.inlineindustries.ca

ISAAC Instruments Inc.
450-658-7520    www.isaac.ca

Insurance Bureau of Canada
877-422-8477    www.ibc.ca

844-410-1896    www.insuremy.ca

Integrity Ventures Inc.
204-320-9695    www.integrityventures.ca

ISAAC Instruments Inc.
450-658-7520    www.isaac.ca

Isuzu Commercial Truck of Canada, Inc.
866-441-9638    www.isuzutruck.ca

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J&R Hall Transport Inc.
519-632-7429   www.jrhall.ca

J D Factors
800-263-0664   www.jdfactors.com

Jade Transport
204-233-3566   www.jadetransport.com

Jay’s Mobile Tire Service
306-543-8473   www.jaysmobiletire.ca

Joe’s Salmon Lodge (Carl Rosenau)
888-452-8822    www.joessalmonlodge.com

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Keen Transport & Logistics Inc.
204-943-5336   www.keentransport.ca

Keller Equipment Supply Ltd.
403-243-8666   www.keller.ca

Kenora Truck Service
807-548-1670   kts.parts-service@shaw.ca

Kenworth Truck Company
416-209-2997   www.kenworth.com

Keystone Western Inc.
204-256-0800   www.keystonewestern.com

Kleen-flo Tumbler Industries
905-793-4311   www.kleenflo.com

Kleenoil Filtration Canada Ltd.
855-933-9090   www.kleenoil.ca

KLONDIKE Lubricants Corporation
877-293-4691   www.klondikelubricants.com

Kramer Ltd.
306-545-3311   www.kramer.ca

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LaCapitale Financial Security
800-955-3250  www.lacapitalefs.com

Landtran Systems Inc.
877-452-9414  www.landtran.com

Len Dubois Trucking Inc.
204-783-2798   www.lenduboistrucking.com

Liquid Capital Alternative Finance Inc.
204-478-1799    www.lcalternativefinance.com

Link Manufacturing, Ltd.
800-309-8155    www.linkmfg.com

Lucas Oil
888-878-6973   www.lucasoil.com

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Mack Trucks Canada
800-922-6225   www.macktrucks.com

800-361-7900   www.manac.ca

Manufacturer Direct Ltd.
888-567-1007   www.mdltd.ca

Marsh Canada Ltd.
204-982-6524   www.marsh.com

Matrix Consulting Group Inc.
780-465-1444    www.matrixconsulting.ca

Mattress Warehouse and More
204-944-9370    www.mattressandmore.ca

Maxim Truck & Trailer
888-242-6126   www.maximinc.com

McLean & Shaw Insurance Inc.
780-452-5561    www.mclean-shaw.com

Meritor, Inc.
248-435-1000    www.meritor.com

Metal Supermarkets Edmonton
800-567-4212   www.metalsupermarketsedmonton.com

Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.
450-978-4700   www.michelintruck.com

Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure
306-787-4805   www.highways.gov.sk.ca

MLT Aikins
204-957-0050   www.mltaikins.com

Monarch Insurance Brokers Limited
780-422-0568   www.monarchins.ca

800-698-9249   www.multivans.com

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National Cartage Ltd.
800-814-5824   www.nationalcartage.com

Navistar Canada Inc.
905-332-2525   www.internationaltrucks.ca

NetSet Communications
204-578-7840    www.netset1.ca

New West Truck Centres
800-925-1631    www.newwesttruck.ca

No-Spill Systems, Inc.
888-466-7745    www.nospillsystems.com

Northbridge Financial Corporation
855-620-6262    www.nbfc.com

Northern Resource Trucking
306-933-3010    www.nrtlp.com

Nu-Line Products
403-901-4121    www.nuline.ca

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Ocean Trailer
800-891-8858   www.oceantrailer.com

Ocean Trailer Edmonton
800-610-1019   www.oceantrailer.com

800-348-7227   www.omnitracs.com/xrs-special

ONYX Financial Group
204-777-6699   www.onyxfinancial.ca

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Pacbrake Company
800-663-0096   www.pacbrake.com

PACCAR Financial Ltd.
905-858-7050   www.paccarfinancial.com

Parkland Fuel Corporation
403-567-2500   www.parkland.ca

Penner International Inc.
866-729-7134   www.penner.ca

People Corporation
204-940-3933   www.peoplecorporation.com

Peterbilt Manitoba Ltd.
204-633-0071   www.peterbilt-truck.com

Peterbilt of Canada
800-473-8372   www.peterbilt.com

Petro Canada Lubricants Inc.
905-804-3600   www.lubricants.petro-canada.ca

Petro Canada™ | Petro-Pass™
800-668-0222    www.petro-pass.ca

Platinum Insurance Inc.
403-358-6062    www.platinuminsurance.ca

Polar Mobility Research Ltd.
800-309-8155   www.polarmobility.com

Pollak (A Stoneridge Company)
877-377-4824   www.electronic-loggingdevice.ca

Portage Transport
800-251-4607   www.portagetransport.com

PosiTrace from Global Fleet Management
877-787-2231    www.positrace.com

Pro Fleet Care
403-596-9081    www.profleetcare.com

Pro Hire Solutions
778-476-7224   www.prohiresolutions.com

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Q-Line Trucking
306-651-3540   www.qlinetrucking.com

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R&D Trailer Rentals
780-447-1918   www.rent-a-trailer.com

Razir Transport Services Ltd.
204-489-2258   www.razirtransport.com

RDK Transportation Co. Inc.
866-381-9615   www.rdktransportation.com

Redhead Equipment
306-721-2666    www.redheadequipment.ca

Redline Transport
204-724-6870    www.redlinetransport.ca

Rempel Insurance Brokers Ltd.
204-746-2320   www.rempelinsurance.com

Riddell Kurczaba
403-266-2100    www.riddell.ca

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
800-211-3983    www.rbauction.com/sell

Rogers Insurance Ltd.
800-565-8132    www.rogersinsurance.ca

Rosenau Transport Ltd.
780-431-2877   www.rosenau.org

RSB Logistic
306-242-8300   www.compasslog.com

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SAFE Work Manitoba
204-957-7233   www.safemanitoba.com

Safety Vision
800-851-3914   www.safetyvision.com/trucks-highway

Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure
306-787-4800   www.highways.gov.sk.ca

Saskatchewan Trucking Association
306-569-9696    www.sasktrucking.com

Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board
306-787-4370    www.wcbsask.com

306-777-9018    www.saskenergy.com

SCM Insurance Services (ClaimsPro)
800-988-5090    www.claimspro.ca

Scotiabank - Leasing Group
204-934-2639    www.scotiabank.com

Scotts Builders
403-343-7270   www.scottbuilders.com

Scotts Pressure Wash
888-320-9274   www.scottspressurewash.com

www.sgicanada.ca    www.cargosecure.ca

Shaw Tracking
800-478-9511   www.shawtracking.ca

Shell Rotella

Shield Industries
204-781-6793   www.shield-industries.com

Shift Products
888-SHIFT-10   www.shiftproducts.com

Siemens Transportation Group Inc.
306-934-1911    www.siemenstransport.com

Sirius XM Canada Inc.
888-539-7474   www.siriusxm.ca

SLH Transport Inc.
888-854-7548   www.slh.ca

Slinkemo Enterprises Ltd.
306-570-3788   www.slinkemo.com

Smart Truck Aero   
204-229-7330   www.smarttuckaero.com

SmartDriver for Highway Trucking Training Pilot Project
204-632-6600    www.trucking.mb.ca/training/

Spacemakers Construction
403-277-5565    www.spacemakersconstruction.com

Spectra Premium Industries Inc.
204-632-4592    www.spectrapremium.com

Stahl Peterbilt Inc.
800-252-7981   www.stahlpeterbilt.com

Stefanson Lee Romaniuk Chartered Accountants 
204-775-8975   www.slrca.ca

Steinbach Credit Union 
204-326-3495   www.scu.mb.ca

800-527-8492   www.stemco.com

Sterling Truck & Trailer Sales Ltd.
800-6667-0466   www.sterlingtruckandtrailer.ca

Steve's Livestock Transport/Dawson Road Transfer
204-326-6380   www.slt.ca

Stoneridge Inc.
877-377-4824   www.ez-eld.com

Superior Industrial Frictions
780-451-6894   www.sifbrake.com

Superior Pressure Vessels Inc.
403–236-4140   www.superiorpressurevessels.com

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Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Associations (ATA)
703-838-1763    www.trucking.org/Technology_Council.aspx

Tereck Diesel Ltd.
204-654-9646    www.tereckdiesel.com

The Gear Centre Group
800-661-8825   www.gearcentregroup.com

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Canada
1-416-201-4300   www.goodyeartrucktires.com

Thermo King of Calgary
403-236-1020   www.tkcalgary.com

Timken Canada LP
866-527-5973   www.timken.com

888-452-1662    www.tirecraft.com www.integratire.com www.signaturetire.ca

Total Canada
800-463-3955   www.total-canada.ca

Toyo Tire Canada Inc.
877-682-8696   www.toyotires.ca

Traction West/UAP
780-486-6719   www.traction.com

Trailcon Leasing Inc.
855-762-3777   www.trailcon.com

Trailer Wizards Ltd.
855-327-9757   www.trailerwizards.com

Train Trailer
888-780-9679   www.traintrailer.com

TRANSCOM Fleet Services Inc.
780-449-7200   www.transcomfleetservices.com

Transcourt Inc.
866-934-5744   www.transcourt.com

TransFunds Investment Banking
905-630-3578   www.transfundsinvbank.com

Transolutions Preventive Maintenance
204-669-3000   tsleasing.net

877-787-2679   www.drivetransx.ca

Trappers Transport
204-697-7647   www.trapperstransport.com

450-347-7822   www.tremcar.com

Trucking HR Canada
613-244-4800    www.truckinghr.com

450-463-2353 x6281    www.truckpro.ca


Tyrexpress Winnipeg 

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UFA Co-operative Limited
877-258-4500   www.UFA.com

Ultramodern Products Corp.
250-782-4808    www.ultramodernproducts.com

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VerX Direct
866-713-2001   www.verxdirect.com

Vickar Isuzu Trucks
204-515-1780   www.vickarisuzutrucks.com

Volvo Financial Services
306-361-9005   www.vfsco.com

Volvo Trucks Canada
905-366-3500   www.volvotruckscanada.com

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888-717-7131   www.wajax.com

Wakefield Canada (Castrol)
800-268-5339   www.castrol.ca

Warner Industries
306-359-1930   www.warnerindustries.ca

Wells Fargo Equipment Finance
416-774-2030   www.wellsfargo.ca/equipmentloans.com

West End Tire
888-748-1515   www.westendtire.com

Western Bearing and Auto Parts
204-857-7821    www.westernbearing.com

Western Isuzu Truck
780-486-3333    www.westernisuzutruck.com

Western Safety Consulting Inc.
780-449-6867    www.wscinc.ca

204-633-9272     www.westrans.com

Willy's Trucking Service
780-488-2300    www.willystrucking.com

Wilson Auto Electric
204-272-2880    www.wilsonautoelectric.com

Winnipeg Truck Exhaust
204-233-4225   www.wteonline.com

Workers' Compensation Board – Alberta
780-498-3999   www.wcb.ab.ca

WorkSafe Saskatchewan
800-667-7590   www.worksafesask.ca

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YETI Snow Removal System
877-347-5521   www.goyeti.ca

YRC Reimer
877-330-3321   www.yrcfreight.com

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