Spring 2018

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Editor’s Note: We are proud to present our annual ‘Highway Hot Stove’ where we sit around (figuratively) with the business leaders of the AMTA, STA and MTA discussing where the industry is headed and what each association sees as priorities for the year.

Q - How healthy is the trucking industry in your province?

Lorraine Card - Alberta’s economy has seen a slight improvement over the last year. Our province continues to gauge its success on the health of the oil and gas industry in Fort McMurray. There have been increased loads moving to that area and a call for more workers in that field.

Trucking is the industry that moves all goods to store shelves and more. The AMTA is celebrating 80 years as a voice for Alberta’s transportation industry this year, so we’ll be highlighting that importance, and sharing the history of our association during a variety of events throughout the year.

Susan Ewart - The trucking industry in Saskatchewan is healthy right now. This is very important to Saskatchewan as we are a land-locked province and getting our goods to market via trucks is important for our exports and, in turn, the economy.

Terry Shaw – I’m hearing good things from Manitoba members. Rates are heading in the right direction and shippers are moving more freight. The good news does come with some challenges: finding enough trained drivers and techs, uncertainty around the upcoming provincial budget, and associated items like a carbon tax, etc.

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