Spring 2018

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"Stay Tuned."

That’s the reply one gets when asking Lorraine Card about her plans for retirement after almost 30 years in the transportation industry. With such an illustrious career, it’s not far off to assume Card, who has spent almost four years as President of the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), will in some way remain engaged in industry.

Editor’s Note: We are proud to present our annual ‘Highway Hot Stove’ where we sit around (figuratively) with the business leaders of the AMTA, STA and MTA discussing where the industry is headed and what each association sees as priorities for the year.

A long and rich history

Not too many trucking companies can say that their start-up years depended on horses, but not too many companies have been around as long as Penner International Inc. Back in 1923, Peter K. Penner launched Penner Transfer, a single-truck (Ford Model T) venture that hauled freight from Winnipeg 65 kilometres southeast to its home base in Steinbach. Today, 95 years later, that round


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