Fall 2020

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Orlicks Inc. was formed to be a leader, serving Western Canada, by providing outstanding service and maintaining the highest safety standards in the transportation industry.

 Gene and Nancy Orlick founded Orlicks Inc. 

on November 15, 1995, with two trucks and four trailers. 25 years later, Orlicks Inc. operates a fleet of over 30 trucks, 200 trailers, 45 staff members and 15-20 operators.

Gene Orlick, President of Orlicks Inc., is proud of his team, who has embraced the family business and its mission and moto, ‘service is our product.’

“We have an excellent team and are very proud of them. We have our long-term staff and a couple of new people, who are all invested and look out for one another. Our customers are from different sectors and have been with us for a long time. We’re all involved and watch what we do every day. It works,” said Orlick.

Orlicks Inc. is a food and beverage transportation company that operates using effective communication with its clients.  

“It’s impossible to be 100% with on-time delivery with a trucking company because of mechanical failures and delays in transit. We try to mitigate that risk with new equipment and reliable systems but it all comes down to communication,” said Orlick. “If you know you’re going to be late, you tell them, make a new appointment and you’re on time again. If you don’t tell them, they’re wondering where you are, they’re waiting for you and you’re costing them money. That’s where you fail. We do a great job at communication, customer service and delivering what they want.”

Orlicks Inc. operates out of Calgary, AB, and transports freight in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver and the Northwest Territories. After 25 years in business, Orlicks Inc. has gone through its challenges – one in particular hit close to home.

“In 2003, my daughter, Kennie, nearly died in an accident,” said Orlick. “She was intubated for 31 days in ICU and spent two months in the hospital. My brother, Geoff Orlick, and Nancy’s brother, Robbie Thomson, stepped up to run our business so we could be at the hospital.”

“My family was there for us when we needed them. Today, Kennie and our youngest daughter Jo work with us. When they were younger, they would come work with us on weekends, sweeping floors and helping out. They have great work ethic.”

The family business model has carried over into Orlicks Inc.’s corporate culture. 

“We’re a family and we make time for all the staff and celebrate their efforts and achievements,” said Orlick. “We have a good family and safety culture – we promote safety every day – and we have a very 

good record with our insurance company. 

Being safe is necessary; if it’s not your culture, you better make it your culture.”

COVID-19 presented its own challenges but Orlicks Inc. rose to the occasion to serve its clients and keep its team safe.

“We hired three people and had 30 extra trucks a day on the road to handle the volume,” explained Orlick. “If anyone wasn’t feeling well, we encouraged them to stay home. We have a safe environment and when COVID-19 hit, we ensured that everything was locked down. We had four staff working from home and took all the needed safety measures to keep everyone safe. No one’s allowed in the building unless you’re an employee.”

Despite any challenges, Orlick knows that he has a good team behind him to stay the course and continue to put forward their product, good service.

With recognition to 25 years in business, Gene and Nancy were hoping to go to Hawaii; however, due to COVID-19, will adjust their plans accordingly. Gene and Nancy have been working together every day for 25 years and have a great marriage and working relationship. Nancy is the CEO, Kennie is the Operations Manager and and Jo is the Dispatch Manager for Orlicks Inc.  




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