Summer 2021

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The Universal Womens NetworkTM is Raising the Bar for women to drive change across North America with the 2021 Road Show: visiting 10 cities across Canada with a message to SupportHER™ and be a visible leader of diversity and inclusion in all facets of life.

The 2021 Road Show is a first-ever event that is scheduled to take place from September 9-24 in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montréal, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa and Halifax.

The creator of the idea and powerhouse behind the SupportHER™ movement is Monica Kretschmer, Founder and CEO of the Universal Womens Network™. Western Canada Highway News had the opportunity to connect with Monica and learn about the 2021 Road Show, the importance of advancing women personally and professionally, and how you can get involved to champion for women-owned businesses and shape the way women in your life are supported in your network, community and workplace.

Monica explains that the 2021 Road Show concept organically came into fruition in 2020, when the world shut down due to COVID-19. She says, “In 2020, I witnessed the unfolding of a world where women were not front and centre. When everything was ‘paused’ I thought, “We need to keep the foot on the gas pedal
for Women Drive Change.””

Turns out the answer was within an idea she had several years ago: partnering with the trucking industry to extend the message across North America. Monica explains that her timing was perfect: she connected with Shelley Uvanile-Hesch, CEO of the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada, to discuss the campaign at a time when companies needed to embrace diversity and inclusion.

“This campaign creates an opportunity to engage with those companies committed to diversity, inclusion and equality to be visible champions and women front and centre,” says Monica.

This campaign consists of the Road Show, where women are driving change. The events will be live-streamed from the #2021RoadShow virtual stage, featuring talks and panels with inspiring female leaders from diverse industries, performances and “pop-ups” with the launch of the official stories of 100 Women of Inspiration™️ Book. Each event will be constructed within each province’s COVID-19 guidelines and live-streamed, where you can attend the signature in-person “pop-up” events, including the 100 Women of Inspiration™️ Book, on the Universal Womens Network™️ website (

“Diversity and inclusion is not just for a committee or a workplace: it’s really everybody’s responsibility to play a role to SupportHER™️ and for women to succeed,” says Monica. “With this campaign, this is the chance to put action to words.”

Thank you to the 2021 Road Show Partners – Turbo Images, Women Canadian Advisors Network, 3M, Penner International, Highlight Motor Freight, Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada, Maritime Ontario, Raymond James – Women Canadian Advisors Network – for your support and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

To learn more about the Universal Womens Network™ and the 2021 Road Show, visit


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