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What is the current health of the trucking industry in your province?

DAVE EARLE – The trucking industry in British Columbia is currently facing a challenging time due to several factors. One of the leading causes of the industry’s downturn is the significant contraction in the forestry industry, which historically has been one of the essential sources of demand for trucking services in the province. 

Furthermore, there has been a general decrease in the overall demand for transportation services in the province, primarily due to the completion of important infrastructure projects. This has reduced the need for transportation-related services, further compounding the issues faced by the trucking industry in BC.

Happy National Trucking Week from the Manitoba Trucking Association! As the week draws near, it is an opportunity to recognize the contributions our industry makes economically and socially, locally, nationally, and internationally.

As National Trucking Week approaches, we pause to recognize and celebrate the hardworking members of our industry who drive Canada’s economy. Your unwavering commitment to Manitoba’s trucking industry keeps Manitoba, Canada, and North America moving.


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