Spring 2023

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ATR Logistics has been a part of the towing and trucking industry for over ten years. They have served the City of Airdrie and surrounding areas since the beginning of 2012. In 2014 ATR selected the AMTA as a certifying partner to facilitate the process of achieving their COR Certification.

Steve Franks and Andrea Allegretto have been the business owners of ATR Logistics since 2015 and described the team as striving to live by the core values. “Our team at ATR Logistics sat together as a group years ago and determined what mattered most to us. We strive to live by the core values we selected at that time: customer service, fun, integrity, safety, and a desire to be the best at what we do,” Andrea says. “We have successfully grown to a knowledgeable, safety-driven team of19 workers,” she continued.

When asked how ATR Logistics has prioritized safety within the company and the industry, she replied, “During the slowdown of COVID-19, we utilized the opportunity to focus on employee development using online training tools through the AMTA. We also exercised team involvement with strengthening and understanding our company safety policies.” As a team, they were able to spend time creating depth with their documentation related to hazard recognition and further safety initiatives. “In such a fast-paced and dynamic industry, we now view the past three years as an opportunity we embraced to strengthen our safety program,” she says. As a result, ATR Logistics’ company culture continues to be built on a strengthened foundation of safety.

ATR Logistics was first introduced to the AMTA in 2014 when they began their journey of COR Certification. Since then, they have utilized their vast resources to assist in developing their evolving business needs. “The driver simulator training with AMTA has been one of the most impactful tools for our drivers. It gave the opportunity to safely create real word situations, allowing the ability to practice skills needed to continue their growth as professional drivers.”
Andrea noted that ATR Logistics has had many achievements. “One of our most celebrated achievements is maintaining our COR Certification. This achievement has assisted in providing a safe work environment for our team. In working towards this goal, all of our core values are highlighted, and our team is engaged with pride and commitment to safety.” She continues to say that the COR Certification has also allowed them more working opportunities as some companies require the certification from their vendors. “As more and more companies require this designation, it has and continues to open doors providing opportunities to expand our business.” However, success in any business doesn’t come without

its challenges. Andrea states, “A challenge over the years has been developing and maintaining a strong leadership team to grow within our organization. With our commitment to a strong safety culture, we have seen an improvement in stability within our key roles that have allowed us to work through this challenge.”

Another accomplishment? Andrea says that being a leader in the transportation industry is another huge achievement and something the team enjoys most. “We pride ourselves on our openness to change and keep current with technology, equipment, and safety. Our team has shown the ability to embrace and adapt to the constant changes within our field.”

When asked what advice she would give someone considering a career in the industry, she replied, “Do your homework. You need to create a business plan that includes extensive research on the market you are trying to enter.” Another important point she made was to foster relationships that will allow you to ask questions to those already in the industry. “This can be done by surrounding yourself with great people and supporting resources such as the AMTA.” Lastly, she says, “Do not forget to invest in your team as your business develops.”

Andrea said that you could find most of the team spending time with their friends and family outside of ATR Logistics, enjoying community events and amenities that the City of Airdrie offers.


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