Fall 2018 News

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The Saskatchewan Trucking Association continues to work towards a commercial truck driving training standard in the province of Saskatchewan. A ‘standard’ in the province would mean that all truck driver training schools in the province follow a pre-approved curriculum for a set duration. This would allow the trucking industry to be confident that when new drivers are hired, they were

trained adequately and to a standard that the industry needs.

The standards for truck driver training and licensing in Saskatchewan are the responsibility of Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), the crown corporation has expressed that the current method is not perfect and must be updated to reflect the expectations of new drivers from the companies that hire them.

The STA has provided input on course duration, content and implementation dates. Pushing for reciprocity with Ontario at 103 hours, which is felt is an adequate amount of time to produce driver’s companies can hire and continue to train. The STA has asked SGI to focus on a competency-based approach that won’t only make the industry safer, but will also provide part of the long-term solution to the truck driver shortage as well as open the doors to possible funding.


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