Spring 2018 News

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The Saskatchewan Party, Saskatchewan’s governing party, elected a new leader, Scott Moe, in January. “The STA has always had a productive working relationship with the Saskatchewan Party. The pro-economic approach of the party and its willingness to work with industries to meet economic goals is very important to us as an advocacy organization. The STA looks forward to continuing

that relationship with Moe as the party leader,” said STA Executive Director Susan Ewart.

In a pre-election meeting with Mr. Moe and his team, the STA discussed the opportunities the trucking industry has to decrease its environmental impact via red tape reduction and allowance of new, innovative technologies. Mr. Moe was receptive to these ideas and confirmed his desire to work closely with industry to find solutions.

It is Scott Moe’s stance on a federally mandated carbon tax and focus on exports that stand out in the mind of the association as being key issues during meetings between the two groups. Increased exports are made possible by the trucking industry, something the STA feels Moe understands to the fullest extent. This includes the infrastructure requirements required to make Saskatchewan a more trucking friendly province, such as rest areas. The STA is looking forward to working with the new Premier and the new Saskatchewan Cabinet Ministers in its continued advocacy work on behalf of truck transport in the province.


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